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Sometimes the Parkinson patients spontaneously overcome the situation of motor inhibition they are living and this is what we know as paradoxical phenomenon. And then, when the movement was unthinkable, the patient drops his ties like a butterfly from its cocoon, transforming himself and showing a way.


The workshop


Our Parkinson Workshop was created in 2002 as a space for encouraging transformations of this kind and for creating new configurations in the patient and his environment. In Parkinson Disease the movement is preserved but there are alterations in its modulation. In some occasions, in the presence of emotional stimuli, the movement is released. This is what we know as paradoxical phenomenon. Our proposal is based on the application of this principle. In order to achieve this aim we have organized several activities such as dances, body language, plastic arts, physical education with sport games, drama and tango. The essence itself of this complex illness goes beyond the field of the disturbed movement, which must be thought as a complex process which falls within a social act. This complexity demands an interdisciplinary work. A person, a disease, an environment. Without this perspective it would be like trying to understand what a butterfly is, only by watching it impaled on a mat, when the butterfly is also defined by the landscape it overflies or by its reflection on the water of streams among other things. We can release that butterfly, release the movement trapped in the patient, and release our mind.


About us


The Parkinson workshop gathers a group of volunteers, professionals, students and patients, with a same objective: to improve the life quality of people with Parkinson disease and their environment through actions aimed at a conceptual and attitudinal change.

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What do we do?


The treatment of the person with Parkinson disease necessarily requires a complete perspective where the family or care providers are involved.

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Open class of the Dance, Drama and Tango Workshops.

Centro Cultural Islas Malvinas - 19 octuber 2010


Visit to Japanese Garden and Rosedal in Palermo

2 de november 2010