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The workshop and the Community


University Extension. Project approved by the National University of La Plata (UNLP) to be developed in 2008.
Title: Quality of Life in the Parkinson Workshop. An innovating strategy for establishing productive relationships between University and Community.
At the end of 2007, the UNLP decided to approve and grant our Project presented in the frame of the Call for Projects of the University Extension of this institution. As in the case of University Volunteering, this Project was presented by the Psychiatry Chair of the Medical School of UNLP. Thus, we continue the efforts for achieving the main goals of the Parkinson Workshop.

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Open class


On April 14th, 2007 an exhibition of the Dance Workshop (in charge of Prof. Carlos Sanchez) was developed in the Cultural Center of Islas Malvinas of La Plata City. In this presentation the workshop participants showed the possibilities that people with the disease have despite the Parkinson: enjoying music, dancing and moving harmonically and gracefully. The purpose of the exhibition was to spread in the community what the people with Parkinson Disease are able to do in an open space, as regards the diversity, solidarity and health stimulation. As a result of this presentation, not only people with Parkinson Disease joined the workshop but also volunteer professionals of different disciplines, allowing the diversification of the patients’ opportunities to improve their quality of life.

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Visit to the Cathedral


On 5th September, 2006, we organized a visit to the Cathedral in La Plata City. A group of patients of the Workshop, together with volunteer students and professionals, enjoyed an outing that included a city tour and a guided visit to the Cathedral. The visit was supervised by a guide of the institution who kindly offered his time to show the building and to explain part of its history to the Parkinson Workshop participants.

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Visit to Biopark Temaikén


On 6th November, 2007 we travelled to Temaiken with patients, relatives or friends invited by them, professionals and volunteers of the Parkinson Workshop. This was an intense day that met the aim of increasing the opportunities of social integration for the patients. Besides, this trip allowed strengthening our intergroup ties (patients-professionals-volunteers-relatives-friends) and improving the confidence in the potentialities that were not lost due to the disease. We came back exhausted but happy of having taken such an important step for our life quality!
(Temaikén is a foundation that researches, spreads and promotes the Nature care.)

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